Hi, my name is Chris Cherney. I am from Cleveland, Ohio—a Midwestern American city right on one of the Great Lakes (Lake Erie). I went to Kent State University in Ohio and graduated with a degree in English Literature and Writing. I enjoy writing, playing music, cooking, and travel. This is my third year with the Language Assistant Program, but this is my first year in Madrid. My first year I spent in Jaén and my second in Málaga. I’m really excited to get the chance to explore such a culturally rich, diverse, and lively city such as Madrid! I’m really looking forward to working at CEIP Doctor Severo Ochoa this year. I feel so grateful for this opportunity!



Hello! My name is Choy Ting Law. I am from Barnsley, England. It is a small town in the north of England and is most famous for it’s coal mines. I am Chinese and my family are from Hong Kong. I went to Birmingham City University and graduated with a degree in Visual Communication in Graphic Design. I enjoy taking photographs, listening to live music and travelling! This is my first time in Madrid and I love it so far, there is always something to do and it’s sunny all of the time!




Hello! My name is Olivia and I am from Belfast, Northern Ireland. Belfast is famous for the Titanic and the Giant´s Causeway (La Calzada de Gigantes) which is nearby. This is my first time living in Madrid but two years ago I lived in La Rioja, where I also worked as a language assistant. In my free time I like to play sports, chat with my friends, go to the cinema and read books. I love Madrid and I love working at CEIP Doctor Severo Ochoa!